Do Ads That Use Cliches Or Humor Work? |

Do cliches, humor or corny ad slogans work? Here are some examples of what I am talking about: “The Summer Sales are Really Starting to Heat up!” or “Check out our Vacuums, they Really Suck!” We see and hear these all the time, whether it’s TV, Radio, Print or Internet ads.You would think our instinct is to roll our eyes and maybe let out a chuckle and move on right? The answer surprisingly is no, we may indeed roll our eyes, we may even chuckle out loud, but we do not skip the ad! As a matter of fact, not only do we check out the ad it usually sticks with us for the day we even tell at least a few of our friends and co-workers about it. This is exactly what we want from our ad and if we are clever enough to ensure our brand is related in some positive way, they will remember your company.What was the last commercial you remember with serious, dramatic or worrying content? If you can come up with an ad that contains even the slightest bit of humor it will usually sell for you. I believe, we find it easier to see things with humor involved especially during a recession and there is a different variety of humor from slapstick to sarcasm that will make people laugh or smile. Let’s face it most of us will groan at a bad joke but we will remember it.Now I would not base an entire ad campaign on humorous or cliched ads, however, now don’t laugh, I would definitely include at least one humor ad in my campaign! There is no real downside as funny will sell and if the ad doesn’t generate sales it may set up a sale for the next time they see another one of your ads.