What’s So Funny? Adding Humor to Your Next Speech | retroplex.info

Don’t you hate when a speaker is boring, arrogant, uncaring? It doesn’t matter if he or she is the most intelligent, or has the most money or the best material. Audiences today have seen it all. They’ve heard it all. At least twice. They need something new. The good news is that YOU have what they need. Because they have never heard YOUR story–the humor that is YOU.Technology has made information available, excessive–and overwhelming. Today, your words have to have meaning in order to hold the interest of your audience. Ultimately, you as a speaker are competing with many, many different forms of information. You must be able to stand apart from the crowd merely to be heard, and to have your message remembered. You can follow some simple steps to help uncover the humor that already exists within you.1. Don’t be afraid to dig deep. It’s usually the most painful, horrific things that are the funniest. Given enough time, anything can be funny.
2. Don’t try too hard to be funny–just talk about your average day. In this way, you connect with audiences in a natural, unforced way. In addition, you help them to see the humor in their own lives.
3. Don’t make laughs the end goal. The prize goes to the one who makes a human connection with the audience. Humor doesn’t have to mean laughter. It can be a lighter atmosphere, where creativity and good rapport can thrive.Try these steps the next time YOU have to be funny. And don’t forget to, “Get Your SHINE Together!”