Humorous Wedding Toasts – The Guide to a Humorous Wedding Speech |

Are you worried that you won’t be able to write out humorous wedding toasts for your daughter’s wedding? Just follow the tips and tricks that I will list below, and you will be able to write your wedding toasts fast and easy. Do not be nervous anymore, allow me help you with your problem. Read on and you will see.When I learned that I was going to make speeches and toasts for my daughter’s wedding, I was also anxious and a little terrified. I was so anxious that I was not able to sleep months before the actual wedding. I was distressed because I have no practice in writing anything since I graduated school years and years ago.Good thing I looked online for some tips and guides online. I was able to find some useful guides that I used to write my toasts. You too can write humorous toasts by doing the following.Do not use hundred dollar words. Unless fancy words works into your comedy, avoid using dictionary words as much as you can. Since your audience will be of varied educational background and attainment, you want your speech to be understood by your general listeners.Using thesaurus words will alienate some of your audience, and they won’t even laugh at a joke they don’t understand. For example, you can’t tell a medical joke if you are among lawyers. It is just not the audience for it.Write short sentences and populate your paragraphs with up to 4 to 5 sentences. The shorter the joke, the bigger the laughs. You can’t have a 5 minute setup and then land a lame punch line. If you do that, all you will hear are groans or polite giggles.Write your single thesis statement or theme and stick with it all throughout your speech. If you have a theme, your speech will be cohesive, coherent, and succinct. Brevity is the key to humorous wedding toasts.Use colorful language when telling your anecdotes. Use the old creative writing mantra of show, don’t tell. You can use metaphors and strong imagery to engage your listeners at the onset. Painting a picture with words are the best way to stir your audience’s imagination.Lastly, when you finished writing your speech, you have to rely on another person to rehearse your speech. You really have to deliver your toasts with the presence of another person so your speech or toasts can be critiqued in real time by a non-partisan ear.

Relieve Stress Through Humor |

Stress bans us from living an enjoyable life. It creeps up on our mind through our own deeds which are continuously becoming more and more stressful and just somehow affects us from acting wisely in difficult situations. You can and you should find ways to let off some steam from your mind in a constructive way. One of these constructive methods is to laugh it out. In this article I have shared some of the ideas that can help you in relieving stress by humor. Today it is a known fact that humor is a stress reliever that does miracles and helps you to improve your overall physical and mental health.These humorous steps, if you follow can provide you with a peaceful and calm mind. These are just a guide that you should follow with utmost sincerity.First, try to change your attitude to a humorous one, i.e. speaking of small and healthy jokes among your friends while at work or at home is found to be very productive. This not only relieves you but also takes off your mind from your tensions for small moments.One of the other methods that you can try is, try to find happiness in even small parts of your daily life. Now this may look easy and like wasting your time on small things, but when you follow this and find happiness in even small things, half of your time will be spent on finding these moments and the rest on laughing on them so that stress won’t have any time to enter your mind.The next step is now a days getting popular which is, to laugh every morning you get up, may it be for no reason. Just laugh your heart out as loudly as you can. No need for me to tell how easily it brings humor to your life but to just site an example I am sure reading the above lines and assuming yourself in that situation must have given you a smile.What you can also do is follow this: “A man is known by the company he keeps”. What I mean to say is you should spend more of your time with people who like to bring humor in their talks so that your character will also be shaped accordingly.Now all the above are some of the important points that you can do to relieve yourself of stress but the most important thing is to laugh.